Cloud based Anti-Spam

Protecting email to make sure that the items your staff read are clean from Malware and Spam is a rather simple concept, however, the application of this concept is far more complex. Fortunately, EnBox does all the hard work for you. In only 10 minutes, your IT department should be able to complete our signup form and redirect your email’s MX records, meaning that your incoming email will be have unparalleled protection across the whole enterprise email network.



Feature Rich

EnBox has a rich set of features, which work to protect your system from Spam and hackers by cleansing email in a hosted environment, therefore cleansing it before it reaches you. Our system undertakes 13 different checks to clean your email, and ensure it is free from viruses and other Malware and any form of spam.

Amazing Customer Support

With EnBox you get superior customer support, we answer all support requests within the hour, 24/7 365 days a year.  Spam never sleeps and neither do we.